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Paper Portraits


These slightly disturbing, but oh-so-clever, portraits are by an artist Bert Simons. He maps faces and uses various pieces of software to craft a detailed paper cutout of the face. Have a look at his process on his website. Why does this remind me of the movie Total Recall? Link via Design Verb. Advertisements

Music and design have a strong relationship, perhaps because of the strong emotional responses that each evoke in people. Think of your favourite album and you’ll most likely think immediately of the record sleeve design – something which is unfortunately becoming more and more obsolete as MP3 downloads take over. It is therefore most refreshing […]

To commemorate World AIDS day last year, a South African newspaper utilized their page numbers to highlight the horrible statistics relating to AIDS in southern Africa. Link va Osocio.

If you need a bit of a distraction as you design your covers and you can handle a bit of thickly dripping satire, have a look at the Onion’s take on the magazine cover…Link>

Penguin UK has collaborated with alternate reality game designers Six to Start on the We Tell Stories project. Over six weeks, authors will be challenged to come up with a reworking of a “Penguin Classic” and design it especially to be viewed on the internet. The page above is from Matt Mason and Nicholas Feltron […]

The Anti-Advertising Agency uses tools and techniques of the ad industry to question the effect of advertising in public space. One of their current projects is raising money to “free” creatives from the clutches of advertising agencies so that they may use their creative powers for good instead of evil. Link> They have stickers and […]

Cover designs


On Monday you will each have to present 3 cover designs on screen. Please make your PDFs BEFORE class and put them on the desktop of the lecturer’s computer (with your name) BEFORE the start of class. I want to make this process as efficient as possible. If your file is not on the desktop […]