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I ask myself this question, but not in relation to the credit crunch, but how bad the environmental crisis will have to become before newspapers will devote as many column inches to the environment as they do to the economy. A selection of today’s front pages from Newseum. Without the environment there will be no […]

Am here all alone in Reading for the time being, so this work by Martin Nicolauson originally posted at It’s Nice That really resonates with me. I have been striking up conversations with many random strangers (none have yet run away). Tomorrow university starts, so this may stop, or perhaps we can get some great […]

Paper Cutouts


Also over at Fecal Face is an interview with Nicki McClure, who does some pretty amazing paper cutout work.

Via Thriving is this inspiring and delightful project by activist and photographer JR, who takes portraits of people pulling faces and prints them LARGE and places them in public places. JR’s aim is to “shift thinking habits and reframe our stereotypes and prejudices”. Should you be wishing to make your own large prints, you might […]

This is a hoax I now find out, but still, it’s a beautiful idea. The Guardian reports that the Eiffel Tower is to altered for the structure’s 120th anniversary next year. Serero Architects of Paris has won the competition to redesign the structure’s public viewing platform and reception areas. I think this is very beautiful… […]

‘All the time in the world’ is a 22m long electroluminescent wall in Heathrow airport in London. It’s by Troika. The piece extends the traditional format of a world clock by displaying time zones of places with exciting and romantic associations instead of the usual world capitals. So, it “allows passengers to extend their imagination […]

Electric art


This artwork by Richard Box consists of 1301 fluorescent tubes powered only by the electric fields generated by overhead powerlines. How scary is that… A beautiful way of physically illustrating an invisible menace. Thanks to The Serif for the link.