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How to ski


These beautiful pages are from “How to ski by the French method: Emile Allais technic” (1947). Photos and layout was by Pierre Boucher. Emile Allais was a champion French downhill skier and renown instructor who teamed up with Pierre Boucher to make this design classic. Copies of this book go for £300 to £700 in […]

Korean photographer Yeondoo Jung has created a very sweet project called Wonderland where he has made photographs from children’s drawings. Thanks to SwissMiss for the linkage. Princes Twins [c-print 2004] Rabbit Family Hopping Around [c-print 2006]

This tutorial on Fecal Face goes through step-by-step all the processes for printing black and white photographs. It assumes that you have access to your own (or someone else’s) darkroom though. I was lucky enough to have a university with darkrooms, so this is not all that new to me, but I do love that […]

Via Thriving is this inspiring and delightful project by activist and photographer JR, who takes portraits of people pulling faces and prints them LARGE and places them in public places. JR’s aim is to “shift thinking habits and reframe our stereotypes and prejudices”. Should you be wishing to make your own large prints, you might […]



2wice is a magazine published by the 2wice Arts Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that supports art, film, dance, and performance through its publications, grants and charitable gifts. The mission of the Foundation is to document, promote, and celebrate performance and photography through its publishing and philanthropic activities. Link >  

Poster display


More on the trend, tired and true, of taking a photo of your poster design whilst holding it. Read some other comments here and here > Photo: Craig Robinson