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I can hardly believe that in about a month I will be in another country and back in school – I think the last exam I had was my driving test – so this will be interesting. I have given my fair share of presentation tips over the last couple of years whilst teaching, but […]

This tutorial on Fecal Face goes through step-by-step all the processes for printing black and white photographs. It assumes that you have access to your own (or someone else’s) darkroom though. I was lucky enough to have a university with darkrooms, so this is not all that new to me, but I do love that […]

When you are rewriting your headlines and introductions to suit the “voice” of your publication, be aware of what a little change in the emphasis of a sentence can do. An article written by Anna Greer at New Matilda last year looks at how the use of the passive voice in writing can have a […]

Open Studio


  Amnesia – AdNews Interactive Agency of the Year for 2006 and 2007 – is committed to helping young designers and students get the best possible start in their career and is hosting two evenings of seminars and dialogue this April in conjunction with Semi-Permanent. Find out more on their website.

Get organised


Many of you will be heading to 3rd year which will mean you will have more work, more responsibility and more chance of stuffing up if you are not organised. Mashable has some links to many web apps that could help you stay on top of your work next year. Thanks to Swissmiss for the […]

A List Apart


A List Apart Magazine “explores the design, development, and meaning of web content, with a special focus on web standards and best practices”. It’s categories include code, content, culture, design, process and user science, and it’s one of the best-designed, how-to sites I have come across, they even use real illustration. Thanks for the tip […]

The Archinect site is obviously architecture-focussed, but I think most of the tips on this “getting a job guide” are still relevant for graphic designers. The site asked a few architecture studios what they looked for in a graduate and how they could best show a potential employer their skills. There are some excellent tips, […]