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The New York Times have a feature on their website asking readers to submit a word that describes how they are feeling this US election day. They are also asked whom they support, Obama or McCain. Results are displayed graphically with, I assume, the more popular words at the top and in a larger point […]



I like the idea of the dashboard as a way of retrieving information with a quick glance. The Indianopolis Museum of Art has a dashboard which summarises some key figures about the museum. I think it would be more effective for the consumer if it had some comparisons. The kw useage for example could be […]

I can hardly believe that in about a month I will be in another country and back in school – I think the last exam I had was my driving test – so this will be interesting. I have given my fair share of presentation tips over the last couple of years whilst teaching, but […]



Moving to another country is great if you like cleansing your life of the detritus of past lives. Today I recycled all my teaching notes and archived the originals electronically. I’ve also been tidying up my bookmarks in Firefox (yes I have Delicious, but I still prefer to see my links in tidy folders) and […]



This could be good for those of you who are creating websites. This piece of software allows you to browse websites of your choice without the distracting (and often ugly) buttons and what-not of the browser window. If you are presenting your web designs to clients it could be invaluable. It’s called Plainview

OK, so it’s a fictional project but, never-the-less, it’s an effective ambient ad for the creator Erik Nordenankar. The work is called The Biggest Drawing in the World and was “created” by Erik sending a GPS unit around the world in a plane. More about the work here and thanks to We Made This for […]

Penguin UK has collaborated with alternate reality game designers Six to Start on the We Tell Stories project. Over six weeks, authors will be challenged to come up with a reworking of a “Penguin Classic” and design it especially to be viewed on the internet. The page above is from Matt Mason and Nicholas Feltron […]