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Shift magazine from Japan are having a competition for their 2009 calendar. They ask that artists from all over the world submit their artwork. 12 selected works will be distributed throughout the world in the format of a physical calendar. The deadline for this competition is on September 10, 2008. The image above is from […]

Blu is an Italian artist who has created an astonishing piece of work in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Make sure you turn up the sound and watch it all the way to the end, it’s amazing.

OK, so it’s a fictional project but, never-the-less, it’s an effective ambient ad for the creator Erik Nordenankar. The work is called The Biggest Drawing in the World and was “created” by Erik sending a GPS unit around the world in a plane. More about the work here and thanks to We Made This for […]


Yesterday I went to an exhibition entitled Experimenta Playground. It was lots of fun. From the exhibition catalogue: Featuring interactive and screen-based work that engages the audience in acts of play, the exhibition is a showcase of the latest work from Australia’s leading media producers alongside selected key video and media artworks from artists and […]

Head Case


Calling all emerging or established designers, illustrators, photographers and artists. Head Case, an exhibition taking place at the Sofitel Hotel in Melbourne, September 1st to 3rd, will exhibit work from talented creatives about people living with brains that are not as they once were. Whether impaired by mystery illness, accident, drugs or any other number […]

Paper Portraits


These slightly disturbing, but oh-so-clever, portraits are by an artist Bert Simons. He maps faces and uses various pieces of software to craft a detailed paper cutout of the face. Have a look at his process on his website. Why does this remind me of the movie Total Recall? Link via Design Verb.

Paper Cutouts


Also over at Fecal Face is an interview with Nicki McClure, who does some pretty amazing paper cutout work.