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Last week, Michael Twyman showed us his collection of directories: books such as early phone directories and lists of world publications. This is the 1943 French street directory. Over 3,000 pages, including yellow pages advertising. Imagine that being thrown over your front fence! Note the printed advertising on the page edges. This book was very […]

Selection from the first Michael Twyman class… can’t wait for next week.

First day at university today and look what I found: It’s the actual replica made on the Stephen Fry documentary from the BBC (you can watch it at the link). I am hoping it will be staying at the university and I will get to use it. We will get to do some letterpress work […]

Font Conference


A slightly amusing pastiche of classic heroes and villains dressed up as common fonts. Thnx Surfstation

This flyer was allegedly given out at the Cannes Film Festival to promote the new Oliver Stone biopic of George W. Bush. Although the design uses a rather tired dictionary metaphor to present “Bushisms“, it is refreshing to see a purely typographic approach to film promotion. It’ll never get general release! Thanks Crikey and IonCinema

Collage work


I very much like the collage poetry work of British artist Chris Kenny. This piece is entitled Recipe, and uses found pieces of text mounted on pins to construct a narrative. See more of his work on the England & Co gallery site. Via Thriving Too.

A old post on Ping Mag looks at the beauty of modern Iranian typography. I have probably posted on this before, but it so inspires me as a writing form that I want to post about it again and again. On the site they explain a little the difference between Arabic and Farsi script: The […]