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Last week, Michael Twyman showed us his collection of directories: books such as early phone directories and lists of world publications. This is the 1943 French street directory. Over 3,000 pages, including yellow pages advertising. Imagine that being thrown over your front fence! Note the printed advertising on the page edges. This book was very […]

I ask myself this question, but not in relation to the credit crunch, but how bad the environmental crisis will have to become before newspapers will devote as many column inches to the environment as they do to the economy. A selection of today’s front pages from Newseum. Without the environment there will be no […]

The Energy Smackdown is a “docudrama” (another term for reality TV show) that involves three American families competing to reduce their carbon emissions in their daily lives. The show is a creation of The BrainShift Foundation –  an organisation dedicated to helping individuals and organisations transform their lives and the communities through education.

Falling Times


Falling Times is “an everlasting and growing real-time news translation machine representing permanently appearing and disappearing information about our times and, simultaneously, the fall of our western decadent civilization.” In plain English, that means it is a visual representation of current news events. Icons representing various news events around the world “fall” down your screen […]

You may now be thinking about putting your magazine content up online or, perhaps you are just wondering about how to do a web publication. This article from The Guardian newspaper relates the pitfalls of thinking that it’s just a matter of transferring the print product online – it is not that simple. The internet […]

A new multimedia installation, called “Moveable Type,” in the foyer of the Renzo Piano-designed New York Times building, flashes phrases from the day’s newspaper onto digital screens to create a work that is “an organism that is living and breathing and consuming the news,” says one of the artists Ben Rubin. Read an article about […]

This is a very interesting use of new media to spread a message about social responsibility. The Spanish association Mesajeros de la Paz (messengers of peace) has placed a homeless child within the online 3D world Second Life (SL). He is not there to ask for money, but to raise awareness of homelessness amongst the […]