Publishing online


You may now be thinking about putting your magazine content up online or, perhaps you are just wondering about how to do a web publication. This article from The Guardian newspaper relates the pitfalls of thinking that it’s just a matter of transferring the print product online – it is not that simple. The internet is a different animal, and designers and editors alike need to learn this. Link >

And for those of you interested in the written word (all of you that want to go into publishing design should now be in this camp), then have a read of this article. It’s about how the online environment is proving problematic for the writing of good headlines.

Nowadays, in the world of search engine optimisation (SEO), some in the media industry believe that a headline must contain words about the actual subject, rather than allowing the headline to be just brilliantly written. They give the example of a headline when Hugh Grant and Jemima Khan split up earlier this year. The headline in the printed newspaper was “Chuck A Khan”, something that wouldn’t really give you the optimum result in a search engine. In fact, when I did a search on that it gave me a newspaper article about a doberman named Khan chasing away a snake.


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