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This blog entry is interesting. It’s from the editor of JPG magazine (old post here). He proposes a new model of magazine publishing that treats the readers, contibutors and advertisers as having equal value, instead of the current situation where advertisers are at the top of the tree (even though they are far outnumbered by […]

Need a photo of Something? Then head to the Visual Dictionary. It has over 3000 images of common and some very uncommon words.

Border Photos


I can tell that Good Magazine is going to be a good reference for you guys. The Border Photos project is about a group of friends who gave disposable cameras to two groups on opposite sides of the US/Mexico border: the migrants trying to cross from Mexico and the American vigilante group trying to stop […]

Good Magazine


Good magazine has just been released in the US. It is a magazine devoted to “giving a damn” about the world. They have fantasic articles on a diverse range of subjects from politics to art and back again. This looks like an awesome magazine, but unfortunately you can’t buy here. I’ll just have to pick […]