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The Hippo Roller is a simple rolling barrel device makes the task of fetching water easier for the millions of people in the world that can’t just turn on a tap. The project is being helped along by Project H Design, a charitable organisation “that supports, inspires, and delivers life-improving humanitarian product design solutions”. They […]


How can design help to save the world? This is a question raised and answered in some part by the Designism symposium held at the Art Directors Club of New York. Speakers included Steven Heller, Milton Glaser and Tony Hendra who said this of design and dissent: “I believe design can change people’s minds. Design […]

  stock.xchng  An interesting post on 1+1=3 reacting to the new George Monbiot book Heat: How to Stop the Planet from Burning. In the book, Monbiot says large supermarkets, with their aisles of brightly lit displays, are a large contributor to the production of greenhouse gases. Warehouses that store groceries use less electricity than these […]

Deeper luxury


WWF-UK has analysed the environmental performance of the top ten luxury brands (such as Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton) and has published its findings online. The report, titled Deeper Luxury, presents their vision for a more sustainable future for the luxury brand industry. In the report they call for a new type of […]

Some of you may have been a bit confused when you first started the Major Project as to what exactly “socially useful” design was. You may have been wondering, is this just about designing for charities? Design which affects society in a good way doesn’t just have to be the feel good charity variety. As […]

Architecture for Humanity is a charitable organization founded to seek architectural and design solutions to humanitarian crises and to provide design services to communities in need. They are looking for a logo that will reflect both the mission and spirit of the organization. Prize is $1000.

Future Currents


This website is part of RED – Future Currents, a project run by the Design Council (UK) to investigate domestic energy use. The project has developed concepts for ways to help home owners reduce their domestic energy consumption and C02 emissions. To look at energy saving from a homeowner’s point of view, the team of […]