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Every object has a story to tell, such as it takes 10,000 litres of water to make one new cotton t-shirt. Re-Shirt is a company that is helping to save this precious resource by encouraging people to treasure their t-shirts as objects with a valuable history. Instead of throwing away your t-shirts, you send them […]

Via Thriving is this inspiring and delightful project by activist and photographer JR, who takes portraits of people pulling faces and prints them LARGE and places them in public places. JR’s aim is to “shift thinking habits and reframe our stereotypes and prejudices”. Should you be wishing to make your own large prints, you might […]



Could you make a flash game about teen violence without using violence? A competition run by the Jennifer Ann organisation will give you $1000 in prize money if you can. The organisation was started by the parents of a young American girl who was murdered by an ex-boyfriend. They hope to keep their daughter’s memory […]

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From the SMH. A report saying that three Michelin-starred chefs have pulled out of a dinner as none of the $300,000 cost would be going to the charity for which it is being held. The organisers say that the chefs just don’t understand the concept “we are doing exactly what Bill Gates has done, called […]

This safety campaign aims to raise awareness of cyclists in London. A cute way of telling a serious story.

Creative City are a UK organisation which creates art projects that engage audiences and increase awareness of important. Their Newspaper House was built to highlight the massive amounts of waste generated everyday by free commuter newspapers, like MX that we have in Sydney. Watch a video about the project on the Guardian newspaper site.