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Font Conference


A slightly amusing pastiche of classic heroes and villains dressed up as common fonts. Thnx Surfstation Advertisements

The Get Out Clause played their song in front of 80 security cameras around England and then requested the tapes as part of the Data Protection Act. They put them all together to make their video. Music is a bit beige but the idea clever… Link via Crunch Gear.

This safety campaign aims to raise awareness of cyclists in London. A cute way of telling a serious story.

Creative City are a UK organisation which creates art projects that engage audiences and increase awareness of important. Their Newspaper House was built to highlight the massive amounts of waste generated everyday by free commuter newspapers, like MX that we have in Sydney. Watch a video about the project on the Guardian newspaper site.

I wish I could write like this… the one on the right that is…

Seven years of research and 500 interviews from people as diverse as a marine scientist, Goldie Hawn and Bill Gates has led to Richard St. John being able to say in 3 minutes what the secrets of success are.

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