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The British Council in partnership with the NSW State Government are offering two traveling scholarships to young creatives. If you are wondering what to do next in your career, this could be it… DESIGN NSW TRAVELLING SCHOLARSHIP Are you ready to take your design practice to the next level? The Powerhouse Museum and the British […]

The New York Times has a nifty interactive history of the fold-ins from Mad magazine. You had to fold the paper to get the answer to the question. In this case, which modern artist is most successfully communicating with his audience? Go to the NYT for the answer.

Trash Talk


Frog Design, a strategic design company in the US, has started a project called Trash Talk to raise awareness of the large amount of rubbish we produce. Participants must keep all of their trash with them at all times. They are not allowed to throw stuff out, but they are allowed to compost and recycle. […]

What would you do to improve your city if you didn’t have to worry about budgets, politics, beauracracy or physics? This is the question that was asked of architects, city planners and transport engineers in San Fransisco to develop the Wish You Were Here: Postcards from our Awesome Future project. The results were printed as […]

When Maurice Woods was growing up in a poor neighbourhood in the USA, there were not many career options available to him. Whilst at university on a basketball scholarship, he stumbled upon this thing we call graphic design. Supported by his mother, who had always recognised his ability to draw well, Maurice embarked on a […]

Seven years of research and 500 interviews from people as diverse as a marine scientist, Goldie Hawn and Bill Gates has led to Richard St. John being able to say in 3 minutes what the secrets of success are.

Business cards


Need some inspiration for your business card? This site has a great collection, including this one for a resort which is very close to the sea, notice what they’ve done with the design to imply this?