Trash Talk


Frog Design, a strategic design company in the US, has started a project called Trash Talk to raise awareness of the large amount of rubbish we produce. Participants must keep all of their trash with them at all times. They are not allowed to throw stuff out, but they are allowed to compost and recycle. They have a blog for the project where participants such as Cheryl tell all about their wasteful lives.


The project has inspired others to take up the challenge and hopefully, with more publicity, will get a real movement going. To put it all into perspective, the average Australian generates 400 kilograms of rubbish per year. Statistic from Nationmaster.

If you are interested in reducing your rubbish, you should buy a Bokashi Bin. Since I have owned one, my waste has reduced  so much I throw out my very small garbage can every three weeks!


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