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Greener car ads


New advertising rules being proposed by the EU look set to make car ads a lot more attractive to the greenies amongst us. If the proposal is implemented, car manufacturers in Europe will have to include a climate hazard alert on their ads, much like the health warnings on cigarette packets. One UK politician is […]

Creative City are a UK organisation which creates art projects that engage audiences and increase awareness of important. Their Newspaper House was built to highlight the massive amounts of waste generated everyday by free commuter newspapers, like MX that we have in Sydney. Watch a video about the project on the Guardian newspaper site.

When Al Gore was out here recently, he trained 150 Australian Conservation Foundation members to deliver his famous slide show on Climate Change, documented in the film An Inconvenient Truth. Mark Watson was the only stand up comic amongst them and will deliver his version of the show, with a few extra jokes, at the […]

Earth Hour


On March 29 at 8pm people around the world will be turning off their lights in support of Earth Hour, a campaign to raise awareness about global warming. The event began in Sydney last year as a joint venture between the World Wildlife Foundation, Fairfax Media and Leo Burnett the advertising agency. Last year 2.2 […]

  Think Outside the Bottle is raising awareness in the US of the environmental impact of bottled water by asking Americans to pledge to stop buying water out of a bottle and return to drinking it from a tap (where most of the bottled water companies allegedly get it from anyway). They ask you to […]