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The Get Out Clause played their song in front of 80 security cameras around England and then requested the tapes as part of the Data Protection Act. They put them all together to make their video. Music is a bit beige but the idea clever… Link via Crunch Gear. Advertisements

Music and design have a strong relationship, perhaps because of the strong emotional responses that each evoke in people. Think of your favourite album and you’ll most likely think immediately of the record sleeve design – something which is unfortunately becoming more and more obsolete as MP3 downloads take over. It is therefore most refreshing […]

Album cover art


Always wanted to design album artwork? This is a great little creative project where you have to create artwork from randomly generated imagery and text. Lots of fun and a good way to get the creative juices flowing. What to do: 1. Hit this link and the first article title on the page is the […]

The Blues


  Some good work over at Spanish design company Lamosca, including a timeline of the history of Blues music in the USA. Link >

Darren Barefoot was so ashamed of having illegally downloaded music that he decided to set up a site where other, similarly guilty downloaders, could assuage some of their guilt by paying back the artist $5. How it works is you write the band a letter, scan the letter for Darren to use on his site, […]

Peter Saville


CR Blog has an interview with Peter Saville, the English graphic designer most widely known for his work for Factory records, such as his sleeve designs for Joy Division and New Order. That’s the Blue Monday cover below. Link >

  Hard Format is a site devoted to good music-related design. Each post contains a brief rundown of the design, the designers and an analysis of the design’s success. If you are into music and design then check it out, also head to Sleevage.