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Selection from the first Michael Twyman class… can’t wait for next week. Advertisements

The US Library of Congress is based in Washington and has about 14 million historical photographs (amongst other things, they are the world’s biggest library apparently). They are beginning to put some of their collection on Flickr. It’s well worth a look. Link  This photo is by Palmer, Alfred T, and is of an electric […]



I Love Typography has published the 3rd in their series of explanations of type terms. This briefly explains Transitional fonts such as Baskerville, Bookman, Cheltenham, Joanna and Slimbach. Make sure you follow some of the links at the end of the summary so that you can expand your knowledge beyond one person’s point of view. […]

The Blues


  Some good work over at Spanish design company Lamosca, including a timeline of the history of Blues music in the USA. Link >

Fly your flag


This online tool allows you to create a flag based on your allegiances to all the countries, colours and symbols of the world. A world flag mashup. It also takes you through the flag of every country and explains the symbolism behind the designs. Link > This site also reminds me of that great study […]

  This Flickr site has some wonderful images relating to the history of graphic design and photography. From El Lissitzky (above) to the Bauhaus and Samurai film posters. A very eclectic mix. Link> If you like the work of El Lissitzky and his contemporaries, then head to MOMA for a site dedicated to the Russian […]