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The New York Times have a feature on their website asking readers to submit a word that describes how they are feeling this US election day. They are also asked whom they support, Obama or McCain. Results are displayed graphically with, I assume, the more popular words at the top and in a larger point […]

How to ski


These beautiful pages are from “How to ski by the French method: Emile Allais technic” (1947). Photos and layout was by Pierre Boucher. Emile Allais was a champion French downhill skier and renown instructor who teamed up with Pierre Boucher to make this design classic. Copies of this book go for £300 to £700 in […]

Perhaps after this video there will be a surge of interest in information design as a career? “I Love Charts”, from the SID The Science Kid episode “The Sticker Chart.” Thanks Information Aesthetics for the link.

Urban Mapping have produced a map of New York and Chicago printed with multiple layers that can be viewed separately just by tipping the map back and forth. There is a layer for streets, neigbourhood and for the subway. A fantastic way of increasing the usability of a 2D map. Watch a video about it […]

A few examples of how to bring graphical explanations into the real world. Perhaps this sort of application can communicate to even more people because it is less “nerdy” and more approachable. The first is called TerraForm and is a short film by Johannes Brückner which simply describes globalization and the challenges it creates for […]

BMX Bandits


Thanks to the LA Times’ graphics department I now know that BMX riding makes its Olympic debut this year. Cool. Off to watch BMX Bandits now to get in the mood… There’s more of the graphic at the Times’ site.