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Via Wooster is this fabulous piece of site-specific graffiti (that I now think is a painting). This reminds me of a piece that artist John Christie produced for a book of correspondence between he and artist/author John Berger, of Ways of Seeing fame. Christie painted a square of egg-yellow on a wall where a patch […]



The art of the caricature has always astounded me. How do these brilliant illustrators simplify a person’s character to  their absolute essence without watering it down? My new favourite caricaturist is now Noma Bar thanks to a new book by Steven Heller called Guess Who? The Many Faces of Noma Bar. (See how I have […]

Over at the AIGA site, Steven Heller talks to Milan Trenc, the illustrator of the book behind the Ben Stiller movie, The Night at the Museum. Note the similarities between his original cover and the final movie poster. Trenc is extremely diplomatic and humble when talking about the process. Link >

  This Flickr site has some wonderful images relating to the history of graphic design and photography. From El Lissitzky (above) to the Bauhaus and Samurai film posters. A very eclectic mix. Link> If you like the work of El Lissitzky and his contemporaries, then head to MOMA for a site dedicated to the Russian […]



OK, the trees have said ENOUGH. I am going to try to cut down a little on the amount of paper I give you. If you like these articles, then you can print them out yourself or read them digitally. They are basically articles on good typography for publication design and how to choose a […]

You want to make your grids great? Go up to the library and have a look at Josef Müller-Brockman’s Grid Systems in Graphic Design. In previous classes the students have read this book and subsequently created some beautifully designed pages. It’s on close-reserve at the library, which means you can only look at it in […]

  This series of Penguin novels is named My Penguin. The covers are white and you are asked to design your own cover using whatever media you choose. They have a gallery of some of what readers have done so far. The one above is for Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment. Geddit? Hangman…