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This flyer was allegedly given out at the Cannes Film Festival to promote the new Oliver Stone biopic of George W. Bush. Although the design uses a rather tired dictionary metaphor to present “Bushisms“, it is refreshing to see a purely typographic approach to film promotion. It’ll never get general release! Thanks Crikey and IonCinema […]



A gorgeous new Hillman Curtis film looks at the new book and life coaching maxims from über-designer – and all round nice guy it seems – Stefan Sagmeister The image above shows Sagmeister writing some of his maxims into the condensation of the front window of the gallery where the exhibition of the book Things […]

Over at the AIGA site, Steven Heller talks to Milan Trenc, the illustrator of the book behind the Ben Stiller movie, The Night at the Museum. Note the similarities between his original cover and the final movie poster. Trenc is extremely diplomatic and humble when talking about the process. Link >

great graphics


Hate the girls legs at the start and end, but the rest of this clip is pretty amazing.

Expanded Cinema


  Expanded Cinema focuses mainly on experimental film, early video, and sound-based, durational work. All of the material is being pulled from available media online elsewhere. Thanks to Rhizome.

Watch films on designers such as Milton Glaser (that’s him above) and Stefan Sagmeister at the Hillman Curtis site. Download podcasts of interviews with typographers over at Typeradio. My suggestions for listening would be Tobias Frere-Jones, Jonathon Hoefler, Anton Beeke, Gert Dunbar and Erik Spiekerman.



Cool little animation made with the graphics used in airport signs. The film is part of the Portable Film Festival, which is an international festival of short films just for portable devices. Sony PSPs, iPod videos, 3G phones, laptop screens, etc.