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Tomorrow I will be giving back your marks and some extensive feedback on how you went. See you in the afternoon. Advertisements

Your final Major Project presentations will be held on Tuesday 17 June. In this presentation you will have to give an overview of the entire campaign, explaining what you did for publishing, environmental and advertising and how each of the separate elements contribute to the success of your Major Project. This presentation is compulsory. Each […]

You should all have finished your style guides for class on Monday so that you can swap them with your partners. Please also bring all relevant fonts and files for them to use in the Swapfest. Monday’s class will be a briefing and brainstorming session, combined with individual consultations as necessary. Please bring any and […]

at the start of class on Monday.



I am worried that some of you have missed the email sent around about this. Please check your BB email. I can’t make it to the appointments on Monday and Tuesday I am sorry. Please email me if you want me to check your publications. AND: Please pass this onto your class mates. Thank you.

Hi All. My apologies, but I will be unable to make it in next Monday and Tuesday as promised to see you individually. I will have to view all of your work by email. Please make sure you do a B/W copy of your publication before sending it to print so that you can be […]


Please refer to the last page in the Publication Design book that you were given in the first class for a few tips on how to improve the design in your publication. This book also has many other great tips, so I hope you are using it. So I do not have to repeat myself […]