Cover designs


On Monday you will each have to present 3 cover designs on screen. Please make your PDFs BEFORE class and put them on the desktop of the lecturer’s computer (with your name) BEFORE the start of class. I want to make this process as efficient as possible. If your file is not on the desktop before we start the presentations you will fail this assessment.

Each cover should be distinct enough from the others so that it shows you have explored as many options as you can. Consider, for example, creating one cover with a photograph, one with an illustration and one using just type. The more variety the better.

You are going to stand up and present your covers. I want you to all introduce yourself and briefly explain what your project is, what you are planning to do for your publication design, and then what you have tried to achieve with your covers. Each person should take no more than 4 minutes and you should try to rehearse your presentation before Monday.

For some inspiration, here are some links from previous posts on cover designs

  • A gallery of covers from La Luna de Metrópoli magazine, a weekly supplement of the Spanish newspaper El Mundo.
  • This magazine changes its name depending on the typeface the magazine is set in.
  • Filth is a comic book series with unique covers designed by Carlos Segura.
  • Time magazine’s best and worst covers
  • Colors magazine devotes an issue to the blind complete with braille cover
  • Esquire has some fun with their barcodes
  • MagCulture has a list of the best and worst covers since 1990
  • John Maeda talks through the development of a cover design for the New York Times magazine
  • Penguin Book covers on Flickr

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