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If you need a bit of a distraction as you design your covers and you can handle a bit of thickly dripping satire, have a look at the Onion’s take on the magazine cover…Link> Advertisements

Cover designs


On Monday you will each have to present 3 cover designs on screen. Please make your PDFs BEFORE class and put them on the desktop of the lecturer’s computer (with your name) BEFORE the start of class. I want to make this process as efficient as possible. If your file is not on the desktop […]

The covers of La Luna de Metrópoli magazine, a weekly supplement of the Spanish newspaper, El Mundo, have always struck a chord with me for their originality and concepts. The art director, Rodrigo Sanchez, has put up a gallery of 50 covers on the SpeakUp! site. They have also conducted an interview with him.