Every object has a story to tell, such as it takes 10,000 litres of water to make one new cotton t-shirt. Re-Shirt is a company that is helping to save this precious resource by encouraging people to treasure their t-shirts as objects with a valuable history.

Instead of throwing away your t-shirts, you send them to Re-Shirt with a little story of where the t-shirt has been (“hiking in the hills of Nepal”) or what it has meant to you (“this shirt saved my life”). Someone then buys your t-shirt from Re-Shirt with a code screenprinted on the front. This code is a record of the t-shirt’s history which can be referenced from the Re-Shirt website. You are then responsible for writing a new page in the t-shirt’s history before passing it on.

This shirt was bought at a temporary designer market in Vienna, Kaiserstrasse.


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  1. 1 pickashirt’s objective is to offer you a quality custom hand tailored shirt to your measurements and your designs that is affordable and painless to order.

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