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Toy Soldiers


Patrick Martinez made 50 sets of toy soldiers and shopdropped them into Target stores. The project was part of an exhibition called LA vs WAR. Through the project Martinez hopes to raise awareness of the hopeless situation of many poor families who have no other choice but to send their kids to fight wars in […]

Protest today


  If you were to design the logo for a Presidential campaign, what font would you use? Something fresh, something bold, something conservative and trustworthy? Have a read of this article that decodes the identities of the top US candidates. Link via SwissMiss.

Someone has posted a spoof ad in the Domain section of the Sydney Morning Herald, announcing the sale of Kirribilli House (where John Howard currently lives). An excellent omen for Saturday…. Thanks for the tip Benn. Link >

For some of you, November 24 may be your first federal election. GetUp! have produced a quiz to help you find the candidate to match your political views. It’s called How Should I Vote? I have been told that the language used is fairly leading and results in what is called Push Polling, but never-the-less, […]