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  “Almost anyone can have a concept. It is in the detail work that design really happens — that the clever, delightful moments of a design occur.” Dan Saffer gives his 2 cents worth on a Brief Message. It seems he prefers the makers to the thinkers. I would say a harmonious balance between the […]

Print and web design are both about storytelling and narrative, but web is more about control, so says Khoi’s in his talk at the AIGA National Design Conference last week.  Thanks to Swiss Miss for the link.

Good reading


Ideasonline have a great list of how to disarm difficult client requests and observations. For some of you, this might not happen for a while, but it’s good to read this so you can see what might be in store for you as a practicing designer. In a similar vein, Andy Rutledge over at Design […]

Some of you may have been a bit confused when you first started the Major Project as to what exactly “socially useful” design was. You may have been wondering, is this just about designing for charities? Design which affects society in a good way doesn’t just have to be the feel good charity variety. As […]

Pixel poster


Clever poster by Jessica Nabel via Wasabi Detail.


Most days, design is sold as a commodity, as opposed to a thought process to challenge social, cultural or ethical issues. If designers added more human touches to their work, the way people interact with their design would change, probably for the better. Michael Surtees comments on the work of product designer Anthony Dunne at […]

A brief message


A Brief Message features design opinions expressed in short form. Viewpoints on design in the real world. They’re pithy, provocative and short — 200 words or less. They’ll be published weekly. So far they have had messages from Steven Heller (the end of print)  and Debbie Millman (a redefinition of beauty) and Richard Grefe (the […]