The Glass Ceiling



An interesting post on the Design Observer site about the glass ceiling in graphic design. An audience member at a recent design conference asked the question above and the all-male panel were initially a little lost for an answer. Just why are there so few “superstar” women graphic designers?

Personally, “superstar” status is not something that I have ever aimed for, but it would have been nice as a young designer to have had a few more female role models. Would like to hear what you guys/gals think about this. Do any of you (male or female) want to become “superstars”? And if so, why?

If any of you are interested in finding out more about women designers and artists, Personism has a great list of inspiring women. The list exists as a starting point for conference organisers.


3 Responses to “The Glass Ceiling”

  1. 1 davidbdale

    Something I treasure about your examples is how often they break the plane of the page and emerge into three dimensions, even if only by a millimeter. The question card as object does so much to quicken and deepen our reaction to the question because it brings us closer to the moment of its execution? because it forces us to consider the hand that made it? because like a worn coin it has been passed?

  2. 2 Kimberley

    thanks as always for the comments. The question remains, did you ever want to be a superstar?

  3. 3 davidbdale

    I wouldn’t turn it down if it were my fate. But I don’t do groundbreaking thinking. I appreciate fantastic ideas. The best of them make me giddy. I appropriate them when I can and use them to tell the best stories I can tell, in two dimensions or three, whatever the medium allows, with the skills I have. That’s not the path to superstardom, so I don’t bother dreaming about it. How ’bout you?

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