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Penguin UK has collaborated with alternate reality game designers Six to Start on the We Tell Stories project. Over six weeks, authors will be challenged to come up with a reworking of a “Penguin Classic” and design it especially to be viewed on the internet. The page above is from Matt Mason and Nicholas Feltron […]

Idealist mashup

01Mar08 is an interactive site where people and organizations can exchange resources and ideas, locate opportunities and supporters, and take steps toward building a world where all people can lead free and dignified lives. They have introduced me to Net Squared, an organisation with a mission is to spur responsible adoption of social web tools […]

Search & Destroy has a post about the rise of magazines with versions online, where they put up exactly the content they have in the printed version as PDFs. Nothing really that exciting about this as it’s not really using the online medium for what it is good for. Where’s the linking, the deep referencing, […]

The 10th Design Indaba in Capetown “aims to guide, enlighten, stimulate and inspire all who practise design, commission design or rely on design to run a business”. The Creative Review blog has been live posting from the conference. The summary below is from a talk by Professor Shin-ichi Takemura from Japan. The talk was all […]

Falling Times


Falling Times is “an everlasting and growing real-time news translation machine representing permanently appearing and disappearing information about our times and, simultaneously, the fall of our western decadent civilization.” In plain English, that means it is a visual representation of current news events. Icons representing various news events around the world “fall” down your screen […]