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A friend of a friend, etc, needs someone to design a record sleeve. A gatefold no less. There is hardly the scent of money involved, but vinyl gatefold jobs don’t come around too often. It’s for a “disco/lo-fi punk” artist with strong political influences. The brief is very tight, but could be fun to work […]

The Archinect site is obviously architecture-focussed, but I think most of the tips on this “getting a job guide” are still relevant for graphic designers. The site asked a few architecture studios what they looked for in a graduate and how they could best show a potential employer their skills. There are some excellent tips, […]

Pentagram is a multi-disciplinary design firm with offices all around the world. One of the associates is Michael Bierut. In this wonderful post on the Design Observer blog, he shows us his first (and only) portfolio from 1979. Immediately after design school Vignelli Associates gave him a job. This was the folio he showed to […]



  In case you missed the presentation, you should know about 60SOX. It’s a website devoted to showcasing YOUR creativity. You’ll get feedback on your work (from creative professionals, not just anyone) and also have the chance of being spotted by a future employer. There’s  a similar site in London called YCN.

This article in the New York Times has flagged a potential hazard to your future design career. What happens when your future employer reads your Facebook or MySpace page? What will they read if they Google you? Some job applicants have been knocked back because of dodgy material posted on their pages. So watch out, […]