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Terry Evans takes excellent photographs of steelworks… Thanks to Things Magazine for the link. Advertisements



Have any of you thought about adding information graphics to your publication? The addition of a good infographic can make an article mean so much more to so many people. You can say a lot more about how, when, why, what and how much something is with an infographic. So if you have a topic […]



This donation card is clever. It went to households in Germany to ask for donations to help homeless children. When you slip out the card to write on, you remove the child from the street. Link via NotCot (my new favourite)

For those of you who would like to bind your own publications, here are a few links. This tutorial is for a very simple book. This tutorial is for a hard cover book. This PDF booklet.pdf shows you how to make a book with just staples and glue. I would suggest that you practice your […]

This is for you Kris! A list of shortcuts for Indesign. Link >

For your style sheets, I’d like you to create AT LEAST the styles shown in the pic below. As mentioned in class, I don’t want to see any little + signs next to your body styles (headlines are different as individual kerning affects styles). Please make sure that your style sheets are rock solid. You’ll […]


  Your publication is due in production week 12. Your style sheets are due week 11. Due to purely selfish reasons I have changed how I’d like you to hand in your publications. I realised that if you all mounted your work to boards, I would break my back trying to carry them all. So […]