Your publication is due in production week 12. Your style sheets are due week 11.

Due to purely selfish reasons I have changed how I’d like you to hand in your publications. I realised that if you all mounted your work to boards, I would break my back trying to carry them all. So please just stick all of the pages together in a dummy book, back-to-back and place in a plastic sleeve. You can make a more finished book using Indesign’s InBooklet function. Just ask me how in class.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to commend many of you for your hard work. There are some fantastic publications being created, some are even finished! So well done. Your efforts make it worthwhile being a teacher.

I would expect that by next week you will all have at least one draft of each of the pages due in week 12. I’ll only be helping out the students who have lots of work to show me. Harsh but necessary. I can’t waste time anymore helping out students who have been slack. Please refer below for some tips about your typography.

And a reminder to Glaser students, your class from Monday has been changed to Tuesday 1.15pm to 3.15pm due to the public holiday on Monday. I think it’s in OOFFOO still.


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