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Thank you Gabriel for this find, a possible ancestor of the current trend for peeling dots perhaps? It’s a poster from an exhibition on Japanese advertising art in Las Angeles from 1972. It’s by Hitoshi Morishima, Carl Seltzer and Lou Jrimkess. Advertisements

Well it’s almost time to say goodbye. Thanks for being such great students and good luck with your future, whether it be 3rd year or the start of your design career. For those of you planning on doing 3rd year, here is an article you should file away for when you start the redesign project. […]

  Prince Alfred Park, Surry Hills, Sydney Main viewing day 6 December 6am-8pm Description and rationale: A number of words and phrases, such as: POSSIBLY I DON’T KNOW PERHAPS MAYBE CONCEIVABLY will be written by wedging tens of thousand white plastic cups into the mesh fences scattered across the park creating a huge – doubtful […]

  Dan Collier a recent graduate from the UK was named D&AD’s Best New Blood for 2007. The work above is a physical representation of links within the world of typography. Look at more on his site > Thanks to visual complexity for the link.

  Those with Holga cameras may be interested in this competition. Deadline is December 22. Those who don’t have Holga cameras might want to find out why so many people are obsessed by them. Check out this Holga gallery.

Code Magazine is produced in Belgium and distributed free to over 5,000 readers across western europe. It is mainly concerned with giving young artists a platform to display their work. The magazine can also be downloaded from their site. At present they have a contest for the graphic design of the Spring issue cover, which […]

Get organised


Many of you will be heading to 3rd year which will mean you will have more work, more responsibility and more chance of stuffing up if you are not organised. Mashable has some links to many web apps that could help you stay on top of your work next year. Thanks to Swissmiss for the […]