File this away for 3rd year


Well it’s almost time to say goodbye. Thanks for being such great students and good luck with your future, whether it be 3rd year or the start of your design career.

For those of you planning on doing 3rd year, here is an article you should file away for when you start the redesign project. It’s an interview with Graydon Carter, the editor in chief of Vanity Fair magazine. It’s this paragraph you should keep in mind…

By rights, the future of big, expensive, longform print journalism funded by a revenue model predicated on conspicuous consumption ought to be precarious. But Carter is unafraid of the rise of the internet – a 30,000-word article or the beautifully reproduced photograph are not threatened by the web, he says, but then he would. “The whole essence of this magazine has shifted over the last four years from just going after news-breaks to go completely towards storytelling – the great yarn-spinners,” he says.

When asked to redesign a publication, you’ll need to think about this thing called “revenue model”. Where does the money come from to finance your publication and is it sustainable? Think about how your chosen publication will operate in a world dominated by the internet. Think about the way that your publication tells a story.


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