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Without Colors


Colors #72 is a black and white issue devoted to the over 40 million blind people worldwide. The cover is embossed, including a braille version of the Colors masthead. They have also provided all articles as audio recordings either on a CD or as downloads from their site. I haven’t got myself an issue as […]

The covers of La Luna de Metrópoli magazine, a weekly supplement of the Spanish newspaper, El Mundo, have always struck a chord with me for their originality and concepts. The art director, Rodrigo Sanchez, has put up a gallery of 50 covers on the SpeakUp! site. They have also conducted an interview with him.

Code Magazine is produced in Belgium and distributed free to over 5,000 readers across western europe. It is mainly concerned with giving young artists a platform to display their work. The magazine can also be downloaded from their site. At present they have a contest for the graphic design of the Spring issue cover, which […]