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This is the last post for the year. I am off on Friday. Hope you all have a great holiday (jealous of the 3 month length holiday you all get). To all those who are not coming back next year, it was a pleasure to teach you. For all those who are doing third year, […]

An interesting post on the Design Observer site about the glass ceiling in graphic design. An audience member at a recent design conference asked the question above and the all-male panel were initially a little lost for an answer. Just why are there so few “superstar” women graphic designers? Personally, “superstar” status is not something […]

Check out the winners of the Eurobest Awards for advertising. There are some fantastic outdoor campaigns, including this Swiss one that raises awareness of road safety. The headline says “Children know no boundaries”.

This is a very interesting use of new media to spread a message about social responsibility. The Spanish association Mesajeros de la Paz (messengers of peace) has placed a homeless child within the online 3D world Second Life (SL). He is not there to ask for money, but to raise awareness of homelessness amongst the […]

Design Matters


Design Matters is an internet radio show on design, branding and cultural anthropology. Debbie Millman hosts the show and gets some really interesting guests. Thanks to media bistro for the update on the season 4 schedule. It is as below, some of you will definitely want to listen to the last show on June 29, […]

Do you love design? Are you becoming obsessed by it? Read all about how that obsession can take over your life here.

This blog entry is interesting. It’s from the editor of JPG magazine (old post here). He proposes a new model of magazine publishing that treats the readers, contibutors and advertisers as having equal value, instead of the current situation where advertisers are at the top of the tree (even though they are far outnumbered by […]