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This is the last post for the year. I am off on Friday. Hope you all have a great holiday (jealous of the 3 month length holiday you all get). To all those who are not coming back next year, it was a pleasure to teach you. For all those who are doing third year, […]

Some more tips


Some tips here for you to think about for your presentations. There are a few, so make sure you click the MORE link… REHEARSE You should rehearse at least four times. Make sure that one of your rehearsals is in front of an audience – family, friends, partners. They will tell you where you are […]

A few tips on presentations and portfolios. Make sure your presentation files accurately represent your concept. Don’t be forced to say, “Well it won’t really look like that.” Use colors and materials how you intend the final product to look. Make sure the design presentation is neatly put together. The art of a good presentation […]

Have found some fantastic student design work at ycn, a site which hopes to link new design talent to recruiting companies. The photos of the student work show a great range of possibilities. Take a look through, or have a look at these selections…

This is very bizarre but somehow appealing…

Please remember that we have a mini presentation next week (either August 29 or 30). You have to bring either: FOR PRINT PUBLICATIONS: 1 spread of your publication (2 pages) Thumbnails of your whole publication (from the content list we did in class this week) OR FOR ONLINE PUBLICATIONS: 1 page from your website Site […]

This work explores the visual link between information and physical things, specifically around the emerging use of the mobile phones.