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Art Exhibitions


I really recommend that you go and see the latest exhibitions at the Art Gallery of NSW. There are some amazing works here, including the Atomic balls by Nick Savvas (above). Also on show is the work of Alberto Giacometti, Zen calligraphy masters and 60s photographer Lewis Morley. Advertisements

SpiralFrog, a new music download service, on Tuesday said it would make Vivendi’s Universal Music Group’s catalogue available for free legal downloading in the United States and Canada.

This person makes some very cute infographics about life. And this person has collected a visual history of the speech bubble.

Green Design


Treehugger is a source for good green design of all kinds. On their page at the moment they have a few links to some fashion sites that focus on recycled materials. There’s a store in Finland that makes great jewelry from recycled keyboards (pic above). There is also a link to a conference on green […]

Cool Sites


Just a few random sites. Fresh is a student exhibition site from 2005 with a great Flash portfolio menu. And this Brazilian designer has an amazingly large portfolio considering he is so young.

Please remember that we have a mini presentation next week (either August 29 or 30). You have to bring either: FOR PRINT PUBLICATIONS: 1 spread of your publication (2 pages) Thumbnails of your whole publication (from the content list we did in class this week) OR FOR ONLINE PUBLICATIONS: 1 page from your website Site […]

The Book of Tags presents the personal signatures of 150 writers coming from 20 different countries throughout the world. The project attempts to analyze and also give voice to one of the most demonized means of expression within the graffiti world, the Tag.