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Selection from the first Michael Twyman class… can’t wait for next week. Advertisements

I was once told that over 300 people a year are killed by swinging doors. I initially thought of the classic swinging doors from saloons in western movies, but I think it was more to do with normal doors opening and cracking people in the head. Doors can also be fatal to cyclists, and this […]

Perhaps after this video there will be a surge of interest in information design as a career? “I Love Charts”, from the SID The Science Kid episode “The Sticker Chart.” Thanks Information Aesthetics for the link.

I ask myself this question, but not in relation to the credit crunch, but how bad the environmental crisis will have to become before newspapers will devote as many column inches to the environment as they do to the economy. A selection of today’s front pages from Newseum. Without the environment there will be no […]

This book is in the collection at the Department of Typography in Reading. Today I got to touch it, leaf through it, hold it, and generally caress the lovely goodness of a book printed about 200 years before white fellas came to Australia. Next week I get to hold a volume of the Book of […]

First day at university today and look what I found: It’s the actual replica made on the Stephen Fry documentary from the BBC (you can watch it at the link). I am hoping it will be staying at the university and I will get to use it. We will get to do some letterpress work […]