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Cool new stuff


  Have just added a few links to some trend spotting and analysis sites, look to the right in Cool New Stuff. These sites collect the coolest new trends and predict those to come. So if your project needs to be ahead of the pack, check them out. The image above is of the Kombi […]



Maybe, if I get some spare time, I will expand on these links. But for now, here’s a bit of random linkage for you. Let them Eat Cake is a fashion magazine put together by assistants from the industry. Harper’s Bazaar have done a fashion shoot with the Simpsons. This illustrated history of magazine cover […]



A few links for you. Don’t look at them now though, you should be preparing your presentation. No really, off you go, start writing your presentation. Start with a storyboard. Block in the beginning and end comments and list out what work you want to show. Then fill in the gaps. Remember to keep it […]