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Was reading a February copy of Wired today and found two articles that might be of some help to Mats and Tulz…. And can someone please remind Niclas that he needs to email me about his change of topic? Thank you. Advertisements

A cute post about one designer’s experience of explaining what they do for a living..

As I have mentioned to you in class, if you cannot find appropriate articles for your publication, it is OK for you to just use dummy copy. BUT, what you will need to do is to write a headline and an introduction to explain to your readers what the article is about. Even if you […]

Congratulations, You Have a Long Attention Span. Survey on online newspaper reading WASHINGTON, March 29 (Reuters)–People who use the Internet to read the news have a greater attention span than print readers, according to a U.S. study that refutes the idea that Web surfers jump around and don’t read much.