OMG…we shot a stupid cover


Hard to believe this is real. Can someone please tell me that this May 2008 edition of Esquire magazine is an April Fool’s joke? Please?

After showing you the sheer brilliance of the covers George Lois did for Esquire in the 1960s just this week, I can hardly believe that this publication would sink so low as to run this poorly conceived “homage” to Lois.

You’ll remember that the cover on the right from 1965 was about the masculinization of the American woman. The cover on the left is then is clearly the desperation of an American publication. I just don’t understand.

A Photo Editor says positive things about this cover. He says it’s a good example of a magazine owning up to the classic “bait and switch technique”, where a big hit photo (in this case a half naked Jessica Simpson) points only to a small article – the actual point being to attract readers to other larger stories inside.

That’s why I love Esquire for owning up to it on the cover this month with a picture of Jessica Simpson and the coverline “We shot this image to catch your eye so you will pick up this issue and immerse yourself in the most gripping story you will read this year.” Bravo.

But I’m sorry, I can’t see how this is a good thing for a publication to do, why the need for publishers to use half naked women to sell magazines? Stupid question I know… How about giving the audience some credit and actually promoting the intelligent articles on the cover?

One comment on Photo Editor references the 1973 cover of National Lampoon below as another example of the same idea. This one I find amusing.

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