For next week


In the Publication Design Class Book are some pages I would like you to read and study before next week. They are:

  • Grid Introduction: (pages 14-17) Please read to remind you of the presentation
  • Layout Examples: (pages 18-26) These sketches and notes should help you start some layout ideas. Remember, it’s always best to sketch out a few ideas BEFORE heading to the computer so that your ideas are not dependent on your skills at Indesign. If you cannot work out how to do something, please send me an email.
  • Setting a Vertical Grid: (page 27) This guide will help you to set the vertical grid on your pages.

As I mentioned this week, next week we will be continuing work on the publication. I will show you a few typographic bits of inspiration, but then it’s all up to you. Please bring as much stuff as you can to use in your publication (pictures, words) and a definite idea of the size that you would like your publication to be.

When thinking of the size, take into consideration how you will print the publication for final presentation. But also, keep in mind what message different sizes may send to your audience. Small and precious? Large and imposing? A good reading size?


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