T Shirts for a cause


Good Magazine has a list of organisations that are raising funds by the sale of t-shirts. There are a variety of charities listed, but the first one is the one that caught my eye. The t-shirt costs $425 which will go toward buying a water meter for poor Alabama residents, a state in the US where free water is not a right. Can you believe that?


The site for BUY A METER, the charity behind 425 tees, uses the turning of pages in a nicely designed newspaper to get across its message. The use of old-school media in a modern day medium is perhaps a subtle reference to how ridiculous it is that some people in the first world still live in third world conditions.

Donations are given through First Giving which looks like an interesting model of a method to facilitate online fundraising for charities.

There’s now an article on the Good Magazine site about the project that helped bring about the 425 project. Link >


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