OK. This has to be quick as there is a little thing called an election happening today that is kinda distracting me. Will see how I am feeling tomorrow – hopefully extremely happy – and then I’ll post some more.

Your presentation should be under 5 minutes. It’s a chance for you to sum up ALL of your major project. So that’s your advertising, environmental and publishing. You should talk about how they all work together as the one campaign.

1. Introduce yourself
2. Briefly describe your major project idea
3. Describe what your solutions were for each of the 3 elements (ad, env,pub)
4. Talk about how they work together
5. Mention anything special that you did. Did you take your own photos, write your own stories, draw your own illustrations?

You might want to mention anything that you have learned about the process of design over the last semester to, but this is not necessary. All we want is a concise summary of what you did this semester for major project.

Do not say things like “this isn’t very good” or ” this is crap”, etc. What you need to do is play up your strengths. So if your publication is not as good as your environmental, then speak more about your environmental.

Bring your publications (if you are happy with them) to the presentation so that the other lecturers can see them.

Don’t be stressed out. It’s a short presentation about something you know a lot about. Write yourself some notes that outline the key points you need to say. Leave it at that, do not write yourself an essay to read or you’ll sound boring. Make a simple PDF or flash presentation with images, not text. Make it simple, make it short, make it exciting.


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