Final Presentations


Your final presentations are scheduled for production week. They will be held most likely in Key, but I will get back to you on that.

Please come much earlier than your scheduled time so that you can have your presentation PDF loaded onto the computer BEFORE the beginning of all presentations. We want to keep this process efficient.

Your presentations should be around 5 minutes long. You need to summarise your entire major project and how each of the separate disciplines (publishing, advertising, environmental) work towards making your major project topic a success. You can create a PDF or Flash presentation, depending on your preference. You can play music. You can sing, dance, give out food – or just speak about what you have done in a clear and concise manner. Bring your publication along if you would like to show the other lecturers what you have done for my class.

As far as speaking about your publications, don’t forget that the communication of your major project topic was the most important aspect of this project, so please describe how your publication achieved this. What would they learn after reading it? How did you use design to communicate your idea to your audience? How would your audience receive your publication? Was your publication linked to your advertising and environmental in anyway?

The times are below. If you cannot present on the day I have designated for your class, you may do it on another day. If you cannot do either of those days, then you will have to present in class next week.

MONDAY 26 November
10:30am – Glaser
break for lunch at 1pm(ish)
1:30pm – Andrews

THURSDAY 29 November
10:30am – Warhol
break for lunch at 1pm(ish)
1:30pm – Hockney


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