Consumption atlas


The Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) has set up an online consumption atlas to show the eco-footprint of every area in Australia. It seems that people living in the more affluent suburbs of the inner east and north are responsible for the production of more than double the amount of greenhouse gases than those in less affluent suburbs. The site also lets you work out your own personal eco-footprint. Mine is about 4ha, which is half of the national average, but the ACF I still have to reduce it by 45% if I want to help Australia have a sustainable future. Eeesh.

This over-consumption is a serious problem. The United Nations Environment Programme has just released a report that says that major threats to the planet such as climate change, the rate of extinction of species, and the challenge of feeding a growing population are putting humanity at risk. Time to do some serious re-assessment of your consumption kids, no more driving to school ok! You can read the report here >


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