Final checklist


Here’s a final checklist to help you out with your last week of publication design.

Before you print, check that you have the following:
1. Long story (at least 4 page, somewhere around 1500 words)
2. A single page story (1 page story like a column or short story)
3. A image spread (2 pages, with more photos than words)
4. A news spread (2 pages, bits and pieces page)
5. Cover

Do a final check also on the following:
1. Spell check (very important)
2. Turn off hyphenation in headlines and introductions
3. Check that your body copy is as you planned it. Are the paragraph indents or spaces still there? Is it all still locked to baseline grid? Are the sizes all the same?
4. Have you added credits to all the photos? By this I mean naming every image maker (photographer or illustrator) in your publication. A good way to do this is by adding a 6pt name somewhere near the photo or illustration.
5. Do you have page numbers?

Remember what I said in the very first class, that this project is all about COMMUNICATING your major project topic to your audience. So take an objective look at your publication. Pretend that you are a first time reader. Are the intentions clear? Do you need to add an introduction page or a tagline to your cover? What about the order of the pages? Does it flow well, does the order make sense.

Then, the last thing that you should do, is show a black and white print out to someone else for a final check. You never know what you may have missed. This is very important.

Good luck!


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