dots-22.jpgI mentioned this in a post a little while ago, but now it’s getting serious. The trend of using little dots that look as though they are peeling off is covering the design world like measles. What is going on? The same thing happened recently with stags. Has anyone notice how many people use images of a stags, deer, or elk in their designs? I.D.Online had a post about it, you can read it here. The New York Times called it “wilderness nostalgia”.


Designers slavishly following trends is not a new thing, it happens all the time, especially with fonts (Neutra and ITC Grouch anyone?). It’s also happened this year with the use of 100% cyan, magenta and yellow.

So what’s a designer to do? Often it is our ability to synthesise trends that clients hire us for, but you should first ask yourself what is appropriate for your audience before brainlessly following the mob. There is a post here on the logo design trends of 2007. So if you are designing any logos, you might first want to check first if someone else has beaten you to the idea. And if anyone spots any other dots, can you please let me know where?


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