where to next


Some of you may be stuck with where to go next. You have a 2 page layout due next week, so that is a good place to start. Do you realise that there are just 4 weeks to go before the final publication is due?

Next week I want to see one “representative” layout from your publication. That means one layout that will “represent” clearly what your internal design is going to look like. I want to see examples of the following:
1. Body Copy
2. Headline
3. Introduction
4. How you will use images (photos and illustration)

So you should now have a definite idea of what your grid is going to be and what body copy you’ll use. If you don’t, you are WAY behind most other people and had better hurry up. Look in the administration links to find some tips on body and grids.

If you are having trouble finding articles use dummy copy, but please write headline and an introduction to fit the kind of story you would have liked to use. This is the sort of thing that a publication designer needs to think about, that is, what is the “mix” of stories is going to be. Have a look at the contents list of Arthur magazine (below) to see just how diverse a contents list can be. Please be as creative as you can be, this should be fun for you. It is your dream publication, something that you (and your audience) should find irresistible.


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